• Dave / 44 years old / Live in England

    Husqvarna Automower: Security

    It all kicked off when we filmed a review of the security features. Fortunately the inbuilt alarm came to the rescue and the robber went away empty ha ...

  • Morven / 36 years old / Live in Scotland

    Automower Challenge - why you HAVE to get one!!!

    Our reasons why you HAVE TO GET ONE!!! It's quiet, cuts at night, safe, no grass clippings, cuts on slopes. We love ours and you have to get one too! ...

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Ease of use

SuperDave / 24 years old / Live in England

Automower Challenge Ep8 - Conc ...

Our Conclusion is this..... we LOVE our Automower! If you had asked me 6 ...

StevieGordon / 32 years old / Live in Northern Ireland

Husqvarna Automower Challenge: ...

This is our final video summing up our top three positives and three negativ ...

Niallp / 39 years old / Live in Republic of Ireland

Husqvarna Automower Last Video

The last one

Falky / 25 years old / Live in England

Husqvarna Automower Challenge ...

I have loved having the Automower and I have loved what it has done for our ...

CiderFex / 48 years old / Live in England

Husqvarna Automower® 315. Imp ...

With no strimming done all year the garden still looks good.

Jay / 51 years old / Live in England

Husqvarna Automower 315 - 8. F ...

Final day of the challenge, still running well and can't wait for next year!