• Hedgevader / 43 years old / Live in England

    Husqvarna 450X - The final verdict

    After nearly four months of solid use I give my verdict on Husqvarna's mighty flagship Automower, the 450X... A truly awesome piece of kit that has re ...

  • Denziloshamen / 40 years old / Live in England

    Husqvarna Automwer 105: Alarm Stress Testing

    In this video I test the Automwer alarm on a freshly depleted battery, one that's been dead for just over 24 hours and, finally, what happens with the ...

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Mowing quality

SuperDave / 24 years old / Live in England

Automower Challenge Ep8 - Conc ...

Our Conclusion is this..... we LOVE our Automower! If you had asked me 6 ...

StevieGordon / 32 years old / Live in Northern Ireland

Husqvarna Automower Challenge: ...

This is our final video summing up our top three positives and three negativ ...

Falky / 25 years old / Live in England

Husqvarna Automower Challenge ...

I have loved having the Automower and I have loved what it has done for our ...

Chris / 51 years old / Live in England

Husqvarna Automower - Video 9 ...

This is my last video in the Automower Challenge so I gave my verdict

CiderFex / 48 years old / Live in England

Husqvarna Automower® 315. Imp ...

With no strimming done all year the garden still looks good.

Sean Coughlan / 49 years old / Live in Republic of Ireland

Husqvarna Automower Challenge ...

The final video, Automower vs Ride-on: the verdict.